Daniel Coetzee

It’s always a great, loving and caring experience to have retreats at Samadhi Retreats.

This time I spoiled myself for a Bach Flower session with Anja and my WoW!! It was so accurate, the flowers I select spoke to me, almost as if they new me for ever and always.

She does her sessions with Love, Insight and Great Wisdom. It was truly an amazing experience. I’ve been using the flower remedy for a week now and it truly works with not much effort at all. Love the affirmations that comes along with the process of healing. Treat yourself Bach flower session, you’ll be amazed. Thank you Anja 💛🤗

Michelle Vooght


During our retreat weekend i had the most amazing Bach flower session with Anja .

So much love insight and wisdom shared !


It was amazing.

And the flower remedies work.


Spend a day or two at Samadhi Retreats and treat yourself to a Reiri and Bach flower session…..

Thank you so much Anja


Yoga Awakening Africa

Just returned from a night at Samadhi Retreats in Grotto Bay where we spent a lovely day with the warm, calm and peaceful hosts Lisle and Anja.
A perfect little get away for a few nights.

Think simple, clean and spacious rooms, delicious home cooked meals, picturesque beach walks through nature, blissful Reiki and Bach Flower Treatment with Anja, quiet time to relax and contemplate.

This was the perfect short little break Juanita and me needed to come up with new ideas and plan the way forward for YAA… and we now have a FABULOUS new project in the pipelines… it’s a little surprise… But be prepared for seeing and hearing more from us!

So if you’re needing inspiration, a quiet place to gather your thoughts, a place to host small retreats of any kind, then be sure to check out

We loved the wildness of the nature with the softness of the home. A place of perfect opposites. A place to challenge both sides of your being the active vs passive the wild vs the calm the talking vs the listening. Bringing you to a place of contemplative balance.

Feeling rested and invigorated

Wellness Warehouse magazine     Oct 2016


Samadhi Retreat is so close to Cape Town, it takes a mere 45 minutes before you’re in the middle of a completely different kind of quiet. It’s in Grotto Bay along the windswept coast filled with salty air and seagulls, with wild waves and jagged rocks flanked by hundreds of different species of fynbos protected by the Cape West Coast Biosphere Reserve. It’s an incredibly magical coastline that’s practically deserted. Lisle (pronounced Lyall) and Anja created their retreat centre to share their joy and peace with others. They are such delightful hosts filled with stories, wisdom, anecdotes and a both have a lovely sense of calm.

Lisle is knowledgeable on many subjects, everything from meditation to Bhuddism, to eco living, the surrounding biosphere, and more. You can talk to him about almost anything, or if you prefer, about nothing at all. Anja is a qualified Reiki Master and Bach Flower Remedy practitioner.

Once I had settled in and had some tea we set off along the pathway on the beach alternating our footsteps between the rocks and the flower filled trail. We arrived at a cove filled with pebbles that sloped down towards the sea. Lisle cleared away a few pieces of seaweed and all of us lay on the pebbles and listened to the musical sound of seawater shifting pebbles back and forth. Although each wave brought a different movement to the pebbles there is a rhythm that’s gently hypnotic. Something about the slope of the beach, the waves, the fresh air and the sounds seem to empty your whole body of all its stress. Each wave emptied more layers of stress and quietened more and more conversations in my head until there was nothing left.

I don’t know if I’ve ever gone from city angst to complete calm in a faster period of time – it’s such a genius way of starting a rejuvenation process. After our walk we went back to the house. Each room has its own bathroom, the rooms are spacious and almost all of them have a sea view. You can lie in a hammock outside, or sit in the zen garden made with artfully placed stones. There’s a huge fireplace and enough space in the lounge area to host a yoga class. The next day after a wonderful breakfast we were raring to go on another hike and this time followed the coast towards Yzerfontein, if you’re energetic you could walk 22 km’s and reach Yzerfontein. Lisle and Anja are so accommodating they’ll even pick you up from the other end. The Rejuvenation Retreat is as structured or non-structured as you want it. It has many different options and none of them are prescriptive. You can match your energy levels and inclinations with a wide variety of options.

Part of the rejuvenation package is a Bach flower Essence consultation and a Reiki treatment. Anja had her therapy room beautifully prepared with candles and soft light. Working on the premise that our ‘higher selves’ or subconscious knows what we want, the participant is asked to pick up to 10 cards (each one is a picture of a different flower). Anja confirms that it’s an almost foolproof way of getting the right flower essences for each individual need. The flowers I picked formed a kind of story around my ideals and desires and I found it very affirming. The essences are designed to bring into balance the aspects of ourselves that may be unbalanced. The remedies are vibrationally imprinted with various flower essences and work on an energetic level. My Reiki treatment was also beautifully affirming. I dropped off into such a deep sleep. When I woke up I didn’t feel groggy but rather I was wonderfully relaxed.

Samadhi Retreat in Grotto Bay is highly recommended. It takes up to 8 people so it’s small and intimate. It’s also the perfect retreat for artists or writers. It’s suitable for groups or for singles. Lisle and Anja cater for all kinds of eating requirements, you just need to warn them beforehand.


Editor & Curator



I stayed at Samadhi in August 2016 for only one day, but I left with the certainty to come back in the future. My friend and I decided to stay there because it is near the West Coast National Park. Samadhi is located inside of a nature reserve.

When we arrived, we saw a deer walking around the house! The reserve is big, with a few houses built, and the rest is all (hard) dune with bushes field and a beautiful sand beach. Because the reserve is secured, we felt free to walk on the dunes, and we as women didn’t feel threatened as we feel when we hike in Cape Town. We could enjoy the empty beach and walk on trails on top of the dunes, with a beautiful vegetation and a great variety of flowers that I never saw before.

The house is big and our room was just perfect. We cooked dinner there and had our breakfast prepared by Anja and Lisle (they also offer dinner). They have a big living room an area and a barbecue place and a small pool.

The beach is very close by. Anja and Lisle are great people, they give us privacy and at the same time are always available for anything we need. We had good conversations and I liked them a lot. Anja is also an alternative healer and work with Reiki and Bach’s Flowers. Besides getting very relaxed from my staying in this good energy house and hosts, and beautiful landscapes, I came home with a natural medicine treatment for my stress (it is working, Anja, thank you!). Well, that’s it, I totally recommend!



Sarah Vinikkan

Highly recommend spending time in Grotto Bay Samadhi Retreats Wow! Great food, great accommodation, magic landscape. I feel so much gratitude to our hosts at last weekend’s magical NVC Retreat!