The Thinking Into Results Retreat 17-20 May

  THE THINKING INTO RESULTS RETREAT. 17th to 20th May 2018   Bring your soul mate; your best friend; your daughter; your partner or simply just come on your own – discover, dream or simply just live a little


Investing in yourself -the biggest asset that you have. Start making commitments to yourself to grow; to blossom; to thrive   Do you know that the number one thing holding you back is your mind? You can do all the right things but if your mind is not conditioned for you to succeed…YOU WILL NOT DO SO.


The Thinking into results retreat is a three-day program designed to challenge your traditional way of thinking, behaviour and reactions that no longer serve you. It facilitates fundamental shifts in your paradigm (A paradigm is a multitude of habits that are fixed in your subconscious mind and controlling your behaviour) with the view of changing your perception This retreat will include:
  • Guided meditation
  • Guided nature walks on the beach – weather pemitting
  • Seminars
  • By using our techniques, we aim to leave you creatively capable, fully satisfied and highly inspired to embrace a “bigger picture” of yourself. The results are personal growth and transformation.
  • This transformational retreat is committed to your development and is solution oriented, not problem fixated.
  • You will learn to love yourself more and others around you.
  • Be more responsible and accountable to and for yourself.
  • Become globally aware, thus positively contributing and supporting your peers, families and colleagues.
  • Effective communications and mindful listening for value in what others say.
  • Know yourself as someone who makes a profound difference.
  • Experience appreciation for other human beings.
  • Powerfully and courageously face the risks and challenges of life.
  • Build Self Esteem and Self Worth.
  • Learning new communication skills.
  • Learning new Life Tools to integrate on a personal level
Inclusive in this retreat
  • 3 nights accommodation
  • All vegetarian meals including - Thursday night supper and Sunday lunch.
  • Guided Nature and beach walks
  • Meditation
  • Seminars
  Clarenelda works enthusiastically with individual groups and companies to guide them in discovering their deepest desires, reaching their potential and achieving their personal and professional goals. She helps people live happier, healthier, and more abundant lives. She is intensely goal-orientated and are passionate about helping people to create the life they want and to fulfil their dreams . Full price R4000 per delegate.   Book with another person and both of your will receive a Woolworths voucher to the value of R300,00

RSVP for bookings:


Contact Clarenelda on 072 588 6057

Facilitated by Clarenelda Van Niel


Art and Soul Retreat 1-4 March 2018


Art & Soul Retreat

Samadhi Retreats – Grotto Bay – 1st to 4th March

Like the ebb and flow of the tides, our lives have natural highs and lows

When you learn to go with the flow and rest in the lows,

You will find peace

This 3 day retreat will be facilitated by Michelle McClunan, an Astrologer, Life Coach and Expressive Arts Facilitator, who has been creating and running workshops and retreats countrywide for the past ten years.


All of Michelle’s Art & Soul retreats are created to align with the rhythms and cycles of nature. Life inhales and then exhales. When we’re in tune with the ebb and flow of life, magic starts to happen. There is no struggle. We intuitively know what we need to be doing, which doors we need to open and which ones we need to close, when to ride the wave and when to withdraw and wait.


This weekend retreat has been planned around the FULL MOON IN PISCES a perfect time to exhale, slow down, embrace the present moment, reconnect with our creative source and listen to our souls.


Over the long weekend, as a small group, with the beautiful ocean as our guide, we will explore and bring understanding to the ebbs and flows of our lives. We will walk the coastline, connect with the gentle power of this full moon and the sea’s rhythm. We will meditate, visualise, make art on the beach and bring treasures back to Samadhi to incorporate into our very own soul art.


All the art we make over the weekend will be “process” rather than “outcome” driven, so absolutely no artistic experience is necessary. Read more  


We will nourish ourselves with good wholesome food, peaceful sleeps, and soulful chats under the moonlit skies, to emerge rested, replenished and ready to embrace life’s ebbs and flows.




“Being able to express my creativity and tap my inner-most process which is usually obliterated by day-to-day life, feeling infinitely safe and guided in the most compassionate and accepting manner by Michelle – these are just a few of the things I truly love about the Art & Soul weekend retreats” W Beresford


“I can honestly say that out of all the transformation and spiritual work I have done in the last 20 years this is the most profound. The reason being that people (including me) process and transmute their “stuff” with such speed but also with such gentleness and in the most loving environment. The retreats are punctuated with beautiful walks, free flow movement, energy work or whatever seems to be “right” in the moment. A. McInnes


“These groups are relaxed and inspirational. You have to try one to “get it”. Seriously no art training necessary. Great fun and time to be creative, as Michelle gently guides the way into your own personal journey.” TC



DATES: Thursday 1st March 17h00 to Sunday 4th March 15h00

COST: R3450


This includes

· 3 x nights shared accommodation

· Full catering – breakfast, lunch, supper & treats

· Guided nature walks

· Guided visualisations and meditations

· Full moon meditation on the beach – weather permitting

· Art and Soul Workshop



· Process/ Expressive art facilitation

· Art technique demonstrations – palette knife, doodling, mixed media, free painting, collage, wet on wet, paint pouring

· Spiral Mandala – tuition and facilitation

· The Ebb and Flow of life mixed media paintings

· Art in Nature

· All Art materials

· Discussions on the Ebb & Flow of Life and the Spiral


Not included:

Cold beverages. Liquor

For more information contact Michelle

083 414 5641

To Book your space on this Retreat contact Samadhi Retreats



5D Personal Ascension Retreat 11-13 May 2018


What is the 5th dimension? What does ascension mean? How do the new chakra's look and feel like? What are the different dimensions?

Lets take a walk through them and experience the different vibrations of each dimension.

We will explore the 12 5th Dimensional Ascension Chakra’s in more detail and will be working very closely with Archangel Metatron & Archangel Gabriel & Archangel Raphael for the duration of this retreat.

How does it look like when i live in a higher frequency? What changes in my day to day life and more importantly - HOW DO I DO THIS?

It is going to be a very unique and special experience with a small group. I will also facilitate Purpose Readings during this retreat i.e. Where am I? What am I to do next? What Guidance do I need with the next steps?

Write your Purpose Blueprint

You will experience a personal ascension journey, allowing you to grow deeper and expand your awareness on so many levels, closely working with spiritual laws and principles of unconditional love, truth, honour, trust, respect, compassion and understanding.

Then exploring how this new understanding, expansion and knowledge can impact your day to day life, bringing in a level of harmony that is filled with Divine Peace and Understanding.

Connect with Spirit, connect with Purpose and BE WHO YOU REALLY ARE! Be on Purpose every day of your life and experience how magical life can be.

Dates: 9 – 11 March 2018 Venue: Samadhi Retreats Grotto Bay, West Coast Price per person: R 3 200 per person – all inclusive, all food, all refreshments, all sessions and individual Purpose Readings. PLEASE NOTE: ACCOMMODATION IS SHARING AND ALL MEALS VEGETARIAN. (Single accommodation may be available upon request) Sending you so much love and ascension blessings – this is truly going to be a profound gathering!  


Woman’s Weekend Retreat 23-25 March 2018


Woman's Weekend retreat : 23-25 March 2018

Our Woman's Weekend Retreat is hosted By Anja Shallcross and Lisle Shallcross

Arrival is anytime from 5pm with Friday, with an introduction, followed with supper
Day One
Breakfast  at 9am, leaving you some early bird time to take a stroll down to the beach or wander through the quiet corners of the estate before breakfast
Around 10:30 am we begin our guided nature walks through the private reserve with plenty time to stop and veiw the beauty or just to sit and meditate We'll enjoy a lunch time picnic on a pristine deserted Beach where you'll experience the power and beauty of this endless stretch of white sand and ocean
From 3:30 pm there'll be an opportunity to express your creativity and participate in some craft activity with the raw natural materials we have collected from our nature walk.
We enjoy sundowners on the beach and then reteurn for dinner served around 6:30 pm
After supper there will be some time for Mandala fun before retiering for the night.
Day Two
Breakfast again  at 9am, leaving you some early bird time to take a stroll down to the beach or wander through the quiet corners of the estate.
After Breakfast around 10h30 am there would be time to continue with your creativity project
We leave you to enjoy the surrounds of Samadhi and the estate at your own will until lunch time around 1pm
The retreat ends around 3pm.
Included in the retreat
2x nights accommodation
2x breakfasts
2x lunches
2x suppers
2x crafts workshop
1x meditation
1x mandalas
1x sundowners
1x guided nature walk
All inclusive R 2100 per person