5D Personal Ascension Retreat 8-10 June 2018


What is the 5th dimension? What does ascension mean? How do the new chakra's look and feel like? What are the different dimensions?

Lets take a walk through them and experience the different vibrations of each dimension.

We will explore the 12 5th Dimensional Ascension Chakra’s in more detail and will be working very closely with Archangel Metatron & Archangel Gabriel & Archangel Raphael for the duration of this retreat.

How does it look like when i live in a higher frequency? What changes in my day to day life and more importantly - HOW DO I DO THIS?

It is going to be a very unique and special experience with a small group. I will also facilitate Purpose Readings during this retreat i.e. Where am I? What am I to do next? What Guidance do I need with the next steps?

Write your Purpose Blueprint

You will experience a personal ascension journey, allowing you to grow deeper and expand your awareness on so many levels, closely working with spiritual laws and principles of unconditional love, truth, honour, trust, respect, compassion and understanding.

Then exploring how this new understanding, expansion and knowledge can impact your day to day life, bringing in a level of harmony that is filled with Divine Peace and Understanding.

Connect with Spirit, connect with Purpose and BE WHO YOU REALLY ARE! Be on Purpose every day of your life and experience how magical life can be.

Dates: 8 – 10 June 2018 Venue: Samadhi Retreats Grotto Bay, West Coast Price per person: R 3 200 per person – all inclusive, all food, all refreshments, all sessions and individual Purpose Readings. PLEASE NOTE: ACCOMMODATION IS SHARING AND ALL MEALS VEGETARIAN. (Single accommodation may be available upon request) Sending you so much love and ascension blessings – this is truly going to be a profound gathering!  

RSVP: bookings@michellevooght.com



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